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The timbers : Shepherd of the Seas

The Timbers were asked to play at a Sea Shepherd fundraiser in Adelaide in late 2012. They decided to write a song for the occasion. In ‘Shepherd of the Seas’ The Timbers decided to draw attention to the good people dedicating their lives to the Sea Shepherd cause. 

“We all admire the enthusiasm and hard work that people put into the Sea Shepherd organisation and believe the world would be a better place if more people followed their passions." 

Simon - The Timbers 

Shepherd of the Seas © 2013 The Timbers 

If no one grew weary if no one grew tired 
If no one grew cold there’d be no need for the fire 
If no one grew weak if no one grew sore 
We could wake up in the morning with no need for a war 

But some men do with anger in their eyes 
Fire in their belly with a burning desire 
To right what is wrong and in the morning they’ll be gone 
Out across the seas there’s a Shepherd in need. 

We’re a flock run a mock they are the little sitting ducks 
Out to be just I’m glad it’s you and not us 
Some are born strong ethically and morally 
And some are born brave the Shepherd of the Seas 

They’re the help, for the helpless 
And the hope, for the hopeless 
They’re the voice, for the voiceless 
And the hope, for the hopeless

From Shepherd of the Seas, released 21 December 2013 
The Timbers 
Simon Basey, Kyle Vause, Joe Murphy, Ben Roberts 

Film Clip by Spiral Architect productions 
Dylan Wood and Rhys Shepherd 

Track mastering by Disc Edits

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